Kred Story - Getting Your Kred-entials

By Ashley Wymer | @ashleywymer When exercising time and effort to maintain your social media, it can be extremely gratifying to see the spread and influence of your efforts. Social media managers thrive on tools that simplify this process and allows them to measure the true success of their social media. Kred Story is the latest in a slew of finely tuned analytics tools that allows users to “see the forest and the trees,” according to Porter Gale, an advisor and marketing leader for Kred.


This service is a highly visual platform that allows you to see up to 1,200 days of activity at the click of a mouse, pulling up both a big picture of social media influence, and zoomable interface that makes it simple to analyze more specific elements of influence.

What makes Kred unique from other options for social media monitoring, however, is that it is totally transparent and shows its calculations in real time. Users can also take a peek into frequently used hashtags and interesting tweets to follow users directly from the Kred interface. In addition, you can scope out other users’ influence to see who the public is interacting with and what they find most interesting. These aspects make Kred extremely valuable to assist professionals in tailoring a winning social media strategy.

They claim to have now taken the guessing game out of social influence.

Have you used Kred? What do you think of the service? How would your company use this new tool?

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