Top 20 Twitter Gaming Accounts from @SocialMediaDel

Charelle Bennett | @RellyB23 There are more than 300 million gamers worldwide and plenty of blogs to keep them on their toes. We have the top 20 Gaming Accounts on Twitter, covering everything from PS3 fans to old school Nintendo nostaglia.

@G4TV The Official G4tv Twitter. Video Game videos, reviews and news. Check our following list for all the G4-family Twitters. Avid gamers that feel the need to stay up with the latest gaming news should definitely follow this account. Anything from the hottest racing games to the best gaming technology is what you will find here.
  @EA Official Twitter account for EA. Follow for updates on all your favorite EA games. Just can't live without Medal of Honor? Understandable. This blog provides you with the information you need about your great Electronic Arts games.
  @RockStar Games The official home of Rockstar Games on Twitter. Publishers of such popular games as Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne, Red Dead Redemption, L.A. Noire, Bully & more. RockStar Games has dished some of the most popular games in the past decade. Be a rock star and don't miss a beat when it comes to their awesome new releases.
@OpTic Gaming Gamers, snipers montages/commentaries, professional gameplay, and much more. See what professionals and celebrities have to say about your favorite console games. It doesn't hurt to get another opinion.
@PlayStation Official Twitter updates on PlayStation, PS3, PSP, PSN, PS Vita and PS2 from Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA). There sure are a lot of PlayStation fans out there that live on the PS3 Network. This is the right page to stay up to par on everything Playstation you can possibly think of.
@ASTROGaming The ASTRO Gaming crew tweets about ASTRO related news, the gaming industry, events, pro leagues, and the gaming lifestyle. Humorous and straight-forward, this  gaming blog with all sorts of trendy news and over 60k followers. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area
@NintendoAmerica Welcome to the official Nintendo profile for gaming news! We’re listening, too. DM us if you don’t want to be RTed. Mario and Luigi aren't the only ones Nintendo fans love. With almost 260k followers, Nintendo interacts with their gamers while giving their A-Game.
@JoyStiq We blog about video games. The bio is self-explanatory. JoyStiq keeps it real with straight cut blogs on all games.
@GameTrailer Bringing you the best original shows, exclusive interviews and on the ground coverage of the world of video games. Another awesome gamer blog. Do you want to know if Michael Phelps is addicted to Call of Duty? This is the spot to find out gaming info you never thought you could care about.
@InfinityWard Official Twitter account for Infinity Ward, Developer of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Yes! A blog that lives to serve you the know all of Modern Warfare. How can anyone go wrong with that?
@GameStop GameStop is the largest video game retailer in the world with over 6,100 locations. Follow us for exclusive deals, promotions, contests and pre-order offers! It's important to know the best deals and release dates coming near you. Now you never have to second guess when that new Call of Duty is ready to receive their overnight campers.
  @Game_People Game People is the destination site for video game reviews from everyday people. People from all walks of life write blogs and reviews. Non traditional gamers are what you will find here.
  @Gamezebo Hear about the latest and greatest in casual games for the PC, iPhone, and Facebook on Gamezebo. Not only does Gamezebo cover the know-it-all of spanking new games but also the awesome games you play on your computer and mobile phone.
@GamePolitics "where politics & video games collide..." There is a more serious side of video games. Politics and updates to gaming restrictions can be found here.
  @GameLife What's really going on in the world of video games?'s Game|Life cuts through the spin and nails all the action. Straight to the point gaming tips and news is what this blog throws at you. No need to fall behind as a die hard gamer.
@CheapA**Gamer CheapyD shares the latest video game deals from Cheap A** Gamer. Feel free to reply, retweet, and discuss the deals! If you just so happen to be a penny pincher game controller, Cheap A** Gamer tells you where to find hard to beat deals.
@Gamasutra Selected news, features, and analysis from Gamasutra, a leading site dealing with the art and business of video games. Gamasutra offers economical look at the gaming industry. Behind the scenes info. provides gamers with the success and failures of potential buys.
@Kotaku The Gamer's Guide The Gamer's GuideKotaku exposes the more creative side of the gaming industry.
@Dtoid Hourly news updates on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 (PS3), Wii, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android, PSP, PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS and more! All gamers that feel the need to stay on top of fast updates, this is the place for you.
  @1UP 1UP! Where gamers call home. Follow us on facebook! Stay 1 step ahead with all gaming updates. 1UP provides gamers with a well-rounded look at all the new features and technology of the gaming industry.

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