Looking for the ultimate social recruiting platform? Introducing Ascendify

Casey Hines | @caseyagogo "Ascendify’s new social recruiting platform turns any career portal into active talent community. We make it faster to make connections between hiring managers and job seekers by leveraging their social connections. Candidates can build longer-term relationships with companies, and hiring managers can build a pipeline of new recruits."

-Ascendify Founder & CEO Matt Hendrickson

The concept of the one-stop-shop is beloved in almost every industry, and recruiting is no different. Instead of a basic career portal to gather information and accreditation of potential hiring prospects, Ascendify offers everything a recruiting department dreams of: a space to both utilize the power of social media and keep detailed information about their talent pool, plus an ever-popular networking aspect. Founded by Matt Hendrickson, creator of the landmark career software ResumeMaker, this cutting-edge social recruiting platform will launch this month at the National Association of Colleges and Employers conference in Las Vegas and SHRM in Atlanta.

Ascendify offers profile management, a relationship-building community, and member privacy while simplifying the hiring process. It has the capacity to pull in users from several different facets of the recruiting, career counseling, and job-seeking community.

Community Platform Ascendify

The benefits of Ascendify make an impact; using this platform can improve quality of hires, reduce costs, build employer brand, and manage risk mitigation.  A smoother process is so valuable for those searching for jobs and recruiters because time is precious when applying for positions and increasing talent pools.

The Ascendify platform is marketed towards businesses, educational organizations, government, and non-profits. It also leverages  major social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ to expand  networking involvement. Ascendify is meant to make the hiring process more organized and streamlined, and is incredibly applicable to any business or recruiter.

The intersection of social media and professional online networking in terms of both career searchers and employers has been underutilized, and Ascendify has creatively sought to meet that need.

We expect to see great things out of this company, because this tool can really be a game-changer when it comes to recruiting. Learn more about this groundbreaking platform at Ascendify.com and follow them on Twitter at @Ascendify.

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