Top 5 Ways to Find Your Customers on Social Media

by Jacqueline Ross | @JackieeeR Since you are reading this blog, I hope you believe social media is important. If you do not then take a look at our past blogs to find out why.

Now, you know social media is important for your business but how do you find your customers to make sure it is worth your while?

Using Twitter as an example, I've explored the top 5 great ways to find your customers on social media. Remember, this advice works for any platform - Search, Follow, Promote, Engage, and Expand.

1. Search Social Media for Conversations

  • Once you start tweeting, simply search your business’ name on twitter search. From there you can see who is talking about you, good or not so good. Follow your customers, thank them for good reviews and let upset customers know you will improve or recognize their concern.

2. Follow Others on Social Platforms

  • Start building your community by following others on social platforms. On Twitter, follow the people you find talking about your brand.
  • If you have created your own hashtag, follow it! It allows you to see who is using it, what they think and who they are sharing your business with. You can easy follow “#YourCompanysName” and see what comes up.  If you are active on social media, something will come up. Who knows, you might find a passionate new employee or a brand ambassador.

3. Promote Social Media

  • Let your customers know you use social media so they can find you. How do they find you if they do not know you tweet, blog or post photos on Instagram?
  • If you have a storefront,  inform them by posting a sign and asking them to follow. If you are a virtual company, let them know in emails and on your website with a direct link to your social media accounts.

4. Engage Your Customers

  • To find your customers on social media, you have to log on and search for them. Better yet, your company should actively use social media and engage those customers.
  • Once you find your customers, engage them. Reply to their comments, retweet, follow them. If they know you care, they will appreciate your business even more and spread the word. Their followers, friends, and family then get the opportunity to find you themselves.
  • Start conversations, post photos and ask their opinion.
  • Don’t know how to affectively use social media? Let us help you!

5. Expand to Other Social Media Platforms

  • Give your customers options. Use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest and FourSquare to connect with them. Not everyone is a fan of Twitter so catch them on Facebook. Not everyone has an iPhone or Android to use Instagram so engage them on their phone with FourSquare. Different social media platforms make sense for different types of businesses, as well.
  • Whatever new social media platform that comes out next, take advantage of it and expand your brand on platforms that make sense for your customers. In turn, you will not only expand and diversify your brand and name but expand connections with your current customers and prospective customers.

According to Twitter they connect "businesses to customers in real time—and businesses use Twitter to quickly share information with people interested in their products and services." Once you find your customers, you will have the ability to connect and share with them instantly.

Use these top 5 and you will find your customers on social media. Remember to search, follow, inform, engage and expand on social media. Social media is a tool free of charge, why not find your current customers and gain new customers in an easy and fun way?

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