What's the Deal With Facebook Offers?

By Rosalyn Eishen | @rosalynchoo When it comes to social media, businesses have had to adapt quickly to what their customers are doing online. One might ask how does a local business do that successfully and quickly?  Facebook has come up with an answer by introducing Facebook Offers.

Facebook Offers is a new way for a business on Facebook to share promotions and deals. Instead of just posting a “by one get one free” deal as a page’s status update, you can post it as an offer. Most users who like a Facebook page are looking to get special deals from the company, and this is a way to organize it for them. When you go to post an offer, you can post a small graphic, the title of the promotion, and the terms and conditions.

facebook offers

Users can claim the offer when they see it on a brand page, or when someone shares it in their news feed by clicking Get Offer.  After you click Get Offer, Facebook will send you an email that you can print off or show on your mobile phone at the business to redeem your discount.  Think of it as a coupon that’s exclusive to your Facebook fans only.

How are brand pages using Facebook Offers? Here are some of the best ones we found:

einstein offer

coffee offer

macys offer

hello fresh offer


Everyone’s looking for that one good deal that they can't pass up, and it is one of the main reasons why they tend to like Facebook pages. With the ability to offer promotions on a brand page, free advertising is at its best.  Facebook has constantly strived to make its community better, and this is just one step forward for brand pages.


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