Google+ Releases Share Button. What about +1?

Jacqueline Ross | @JackieeeR Google+recently  released it’s latest addition, the Google+ Share button. What is it? The new feature allows Google+ users to comment and share content to specific friends, contacts and circles.

To utilize the Google + Share button, websites must add it so Google+ users can share products, images, and links with their network, just like a RT or Facebook Share button.

fry google+ share vs +1
According to PC Mag, the feature was developed to give Google+ users the option to simply share with their network instead of "liking" it with the Google +1 option. With the +1 button, users are able to "like," or as Google says, "give something your public stamp of approval."  The +1 button allows you to recommend your likes to your network when they are using Google search and stores your +1's for public and private reference.

The Share button may seem like an add-on to the +1, but it is strategic in purpose. Basically, it makes sharing easier on Google+ profiles. Sometimes you want to do more than just approve, you want to share! It gives users an instant way to share what they find interesting and inform people who will benefit from their opinion.

Many people question Google+ and its use, but this new feature has the potential to make G+ thrive. We think Google+ is a critical social media platform for individuals, companies and brands. G+ is one of the fastest growing social media platform to date, and hit 90 million users this year and continues to grow daily.

According to Data Dial the top 5 countries that use G+ are the U.S., India, Brazil, United Kingdom and Canada and the other 43% of users encompass other countries.  Not only does G+ have a large presence in the U.S., but with users all over the world.

With this in mind, businesses are at a great advantage when they add the Google+ Share button to their websites. It will allow visitors, clients and prospective customers to instantly share and talk about their brand with people who will find it relevant and useful. It is essentially free advertisement.  The addition of the share button has the capability to increase usage of Google+ and web integration, and will make it easier for businesses to reach new customers.

Google+ is aiming to integrate their social media platform with the rest of the internet. We already say “google it” instead of “search it.” There is nothing stopping Google+ from taking over sharing with the new G+ Share button. We just have to use it!

Once websites add the Google+ Share button, will you use it?

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