LinkedIn's recent acquisition of SlideShare: a winning match.

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Powerhouse networking site LinkedIn recently acquired SlideShare, which is ideal for users looking to expand their online influence. What better way for an individual to share their creative strengths and industry knowledge than a tool that acts as an easily accesible portfolio sharing program?

LinkedIn made the announcement this past Thursday, and it seems like both companies look forward to what the future holds. No specific details have been released about what changes users can expect, but according to LinkedIn's blog, "We’re excited to figure out the best ways our offerings will work together to help professionals around the world be more productive and successful."

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The intersection of content display and networking could definitely be a boon to those who know how to use the tool to its full potential. Watching this acquisition develop should prove to be very interesting. This fusion has the potential to go to the next level with LinkedIn and SlideShare, and hopefully will perform two important functions: assist job seekers connect with influential individuals and employers on a deeper level, and be a huge selling point to those professionals who still have not taken advantage of having a social media presence.

LinkedIn and Slideshare

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