Is Google + the Dawn of a New Day in Social Media?

Sir Jones google+ evolution

Google + has taken this explosive phenomenon, called social media, and made it better. Or have they? We live in a culture where we now expect technology to blow our minds and has conditioned us to expect the next wheel, printing press, or automobile whenever a new social media platform arises.

Google is now a part of trademark erosion. This means that the name of a product has become such a huge part of society, we use the name Google in place of such words as: search, research, and look-up. Google has changed the way we find information. It seemed only natural to expand this  leverage this brand power in social media.

G+ has been the fastest growing social media site in history. But is it better, or is it basically another social media site that your business has to manage? While the G+ membership has been growing at what is, by most accounts, a record rate there are certain sections of the media that have been asking whether it is, in fact, successful and have been quoting a ComScore survey, which has showed a definite difference. While Facebook attracts as much as 7.5 hours a month of its users’ personal time, G+ barely passed the three-minute mark.

Although, G+ is still very new, there have been some eyebrows raised in its effectiveness for business. But, for business’s that need some reasons to add and not subtract G+ hear are a few:

1. It is a powerful outlet to get your business to the top of Google search results pages. 2. Analytics are built right into the G+ design. 3. Many businesses have yet to move into Google Plus, so you could beat a lot of your competitors to the punch.

Ultimately, the decision on if Google+ is the right choice for your business comes down to if you can capture the active audience on this social media.

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