Facebook Breaking into Google's Search Market?

By: Amelia Clark | @dishpit Have you ever tried to search in Facebook, only to give up in exasperation? Well, Businessweek has reported on suspicions that Facebook may be revamping search. The rumors start with a picture posted on Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg shortly after the company declared its intention to raise $5 billion in thier initial public. In the background of the picture is  Zuckerberg's laptop, featuring on the screen an image of Facebook with an unusually elongated white box at the top. Many suggest this is the new Facebook search.

Considering the heard-it-through-the-grapevine nature of this news, there may actually be no hope that Facebook will ever be able to help us with our search needs. In addition, Mashable points out that Zuckerberg has consistently downplayed any Facebook vs. Google mentality. However, if Facebook manages to pull off a socially relevant search that actually helps users find what they are looking for, they may be able to give Google a run for their money.

Facebook has access to user data for over 800 million people, meaning if they can leverage all that data they may be able to deliver search results that have been tailored to individual likes, preferences, friends, family, and more. Do you think such search results would make Facebook  your go-to search engine?


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