And the Oscar goes to ... Social Media!

Brandie Broihier | @Brandienic The 84th Annual Academy Awards are nearly here, and the twittersphere is buzzing with anticipation.  The Oscar's had seen declining numbers in viewers until just two years ago, when they began to incorporate Social Media into their promotional efforts.


This year, the Oscar's are alive and thriving online with multiple platforms involved in promoting the award ceremony.  From the main Academy Award site, Social Media was given it's own sub-page, Oscar Buzz 2012, to highlight notable tweets, interact with followers, and connect platforms.

On the Buzz 2012 Page, live tweeting of the show is encouraged and users can see the hashtags to use to follow along.


The Academy hosts an official YouTube channel where they encourage interaction and participation. For example, they've asked viewers to submit their own clips in response to the Nominees discussing in this clip their answers to the Academy's big question, What's Your Favorite Movie Moment?



Celebrate the movies in all of us! We showed you show us. What's your most memorable moviegoing experience?Just upload a video of yourself telling your unique story to your YouTube account and share a link to it on our channel. We'll feature the best of your stories on our official Oscars YouTube channel for the next month, so come back often to help us celebrate the movies in all of us!

Notable 2012 Oscar Social Media Happenings:

  • Billy Crystal announced via Twitter that he is hosting this year.


  • Newcomer nominees Jonah Hill and Melissa McCarthy lit up Twitter with excitement when the announcements were made.

Buzz monitoring site NM Incite indicate they are taking the lead in social media trends for chatter in their category.

Social Media Buzz

Social Media Buzz


Social Media in 2012 continues to bring us new events, platforms, and interaction and the social world is growing everyday.

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