How To Use Facebook and Twitter to Find a Job

By: Mary B. Adams | @LadyMissMBA LinkedIn is likely the first place where recruiters and job seekers gravitate for online networking these days, but Twitter and Facebook are also useful tools. How can you use them to help you land your next job?

First, have a look at your Twitter bio, profile and background. Keeping in mind your target audience (potential recruiters, future employers, head hunters, etc), consider re-creating or updating your Twitter bio to include your ¨elevator pitch¨ or your ideal job description. Yes, you are somewhat limited by 160 characters, but you may further express and promote yourself by creating a custom Twitter background. Upload a professional profile photo, preferably the same one as in your LinkedIn profile for the sake of consistency.

Now that you have spruced up your profile, ask yourself ¨are my tweets professional and employer-friendly?¨ Start incorporating (more) tweets about news, topics, and companies related to your field or desired position.

Using Twitter’s advanced search page, conduct searches for industry keywords. If looking for a job as a tattoo artist, for example, search by #tattoo, #tattoo #artist, #bodyart, #tattoosalon, #tattooparlor, #tattoojobs and the like, to find opportunities. Search for the influential people in your industry, and reach out to them. Send tweets with updates on your job hunt, and ask for help. For example, ¨Interviewing at TattooTown later today. Do you know anyone who works there?"

If you are like me, you primarily use Facebook for personal networking, but it may also be used as a part of your social media job searching strategy along with LinkedIn and Twitter.

Use the Facebook status update to let others know you are looking for work. The more detail, the better: give specifics about the industry, organization, geographic location and/or title of post you are seeking. Facebook friends, colleagues, and acquaintances near and far will likely be eager to help, but they have busy lives, too. Make it easy for them by posting specific, regular status updates so that you stay fresh in their minds.

Using Facebook may also be advantageous precisely because it is not known for being a professional networking site like LinkedIn or Viadeo. Using Facebook to reach out directly about a job in a courteous, casual way might set you apart from the crowd and give you an advantage over others job seekers, as per the UnderCover Recruiter. For example, imagine a job has caught your eye. You might find out who is in charge of HR or hiring, then check for friends or friends of friends in common via Facebook, and ask them to refer you to that person. If done tactfully, you might open up a direct line of communication with the decision-maker.

Facebook and Twitter also house vast amounts of information on potential places of employment. Follow or like your target organizations and monitor their updates to gain insider scoop and a better feel for the company culture, which you can then show off at the first interview!

Finally, remember to show appreciation and gratitude for the help you receive via social networks. Show gratitude by writing a simple message of thanks, sending a Follow Friday, writing a recommendation, etc.

Have you already used Facebook or Twitter to find a job or to help you get hired? Share your story. If you have other tips on using Facebook and Twitter to find a job, post them here or get in contact: or  Looking forward to your feedback.

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