Favo.rs: The Informal LinkedIn?

By Jia Thomas | @jia_thomas Have you heard of Favo.rs? If not you're not alone. I hadn't until this weekend, and don't worry it's not something dirty. I was sent an email from a friend this weekend about Favo.rs. The email said it was a new social networking site, but I still was unsure of what to expect. I must say the odd spelling is what compelled me the most to check it out.

The San Francisco based start up was officially launched about three weeks ago. The premise is built upon  professionals asking for and providing one another with professional favors. Users can sign in with Facebook, Google+, Twitter or LinkedIn and  are not required to be in the social network of the persons they interact with and  seek favors from. As you help others, you recieve points and it raises your profile visibility on the site. There is also a recommended users list to help you find profiles in specific industries.

Favo.rs is a very interesting concept. The professional world can be dog-eat-dog, and a site that promotes helping others is very honorable. But I honestly don't know which way this site will go. Either it will be flooded full of silly requests and demands, or serious professionals will use this as an informal way to network. If option two is the case I can see Favo.rs as a companion to or alternative to LinkedIn.  One thing that is certain, the social media and business worlds will be keeping a close eye on Favo.rs to see if this "reach out and touch somebody's hand" premise will work. If it does work, over time Favo.rs could very well become one of the major players in social media.

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