2012 Technology Trends

Jia Thomas|jia_thomas We are almost halfway through December (Thursday marks the middle of the month), and  2012 is less than three weeks away. In 2011 the tech world saw some major highs, such as the acquisition of Skype by Microsoft for $8.5 billion and the release of the iPhone 4s. With huge highs come huge lows, like the death of Steve Jobs and the epic fail of Qwikster. As the eventful year of 2011 draws to a close, it is now time to look forward to 2012 and what it holds for technology.

What do email decline, Windows 8-Touch and peer-to-peer gaming have in come? They're three trends columnist Rob Enderle of Tech News World believes will make major waves in 2012. Checkout Enderle's Top Technology Trends For 2012. Do you agree with his predictions? What would you add or remove from the list?

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