The iPhone Evolution

By Sara Alderman | @sea6789 We all remember the day the first iPhone came out. Lines were wrapped around AT&T stores, and people camped out for days. If the first iPhone came out today instead of in 2007 we would think nothing of it. The first phone had an awful camera, no GPS and no apps to buy. Gasp! Why would anyone want THAT phone!

Since 2007 Apple has come out with a new phone every year. In 2008 the iPhone 3G came out. Improvements included GPS and a few hundred applications. Back then Apple had harnessed the most cutting edge technology for this phone.

By 2009 the 3GS was introduced and the Apple marketplace was over 50,000 strong. The camera was better and so was the processor. 2009 was also the first year DROID came out with a competitive phone, causing Apple to think on its feet.

The iPhone 4 came out to compete with the new line of DROID phones. It had a front camera and a larger amount of storage space. The phone also got a new design- square and thin. This phone caused Apple lovers all over the world to pitch tents and stand in long lines once again.

Steve Jobs was working on the iPhone 4GS (or projected to be the iPhone 5 in the shown infographic) when he suddenly passed. This phone is not only faster, but the Apple market has over a quarter of a million apps available. The camera on the new iPhone causes one to ditch digital cameras altogether and the memory space allows for an iPod music experience without a separate piece of hardware.

With all of these improvements, and a new phone coming out each year, what’s next? What else can they improve on and ten years from now will it even be relevant?

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