Facebook Update: Lobbying, Job Searches, Bye-Bye Discussion Tab, and Infographic Fun

Happy Monday! We've rounded up some of Facebook's most happening news to start you off this week. If your business has a Facebook page, be aware that they are doing away with the Discussion tab. You likely don't use this tab anyway, but if you do, get ready! There have been some options pop up on the Facebook apps world that can help you replace that lost functionality if you wish.  Check out this post for all the juicy details: Pages Prep For Removal Of Facebook Discussion Tabs

Also, did you know that Facebook is on target to spend more than $1 million on lobbying in Washington this year.  Allfacebook.com reports that Facebook’s growing lobbying budget is aligned with the tech company’s expanding presence in Washington, D.C., and its public engagement on a range of new policy issues, including job growth strategies and outreach to small businesses.

Lastly, it looks like Facebook is trying to position itself as a resource in the job market.  We're not going to speak to the success or failure of  BranchOut, but this insightful article on Mashable, Facebook Initiative Could Lead to Job Posting Service, reports: "The social network announced on Thursday that it has teamed up with the U.S. Department of Labor and three employment-related agencies in an attempt to decrease the country’s 9.1% unemployment rate using social media — a project that may eventually include a Facebook jobs posting system."

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