Rock Your Social Media with Google Chrome Extensions

by Elisa Pequini | @lipequini We love Google Chrome for many reasons, and one of them is the clean interface. But we have been playing around with some of Google Chrome’s social media extensions and we have to say they make it a lot easier to be connected to all of your networks all the time (not to mention distracted, but let’s not talk about that in this post). Here are some of the most interesting – and useful – Google Chrome extensions to make your social media more fun, already tested and approved by this blogger.

For Twitter:

Silver Bird - A small little bird icon will be right next to your URL bar, and when you click on it, ta-da! Twitter world opens up for you. In a fairly-sized box that does not occupy your entire screen, you can read your friend’s tweets, write your own, read your mentions and DM’s and a few other things. I like the fact that when someone DM's you, you get a pop up notification even when you are not on the application.

For Facebook:

Facebook Classic - Do you hate the new Facebook? Have you been tweeting about how much it sucks for the past month? This app is for you, classic Facebook lover. It will make your favorite social network look exactly like it did before. You're welcome.

Fix FB Chat and Feed ticker - Many people are frustrated with the new Facebook chat. It does feel like it sorts your friends in a mysterious way unrelated to who you would actually like to chat with, doesn't it? Worry no more: this extension will fix it! After downloading this extension, your FB chat will only show your Facebook friends who are currently available to chat. It also allows you to disable the feed ticker, and if your friends have the extension as well, you can group-chat.

Facebook for Chrome - Basic, but it does the trick. Just like the Silver Bird extension for Twitter, it creates an icon right next to Chrome's URL bar and a little box pops up when you click on it.

For photos:

Move Your Photos - If you’re on Google+ you may have thought about downloading your pictures back from Facebook and uploading them to Picas so they can be everywhere. Too much work isn’t it? Well, with this extension, it’s really easy. Just log in to Facebook, select your albums and let Move Your Photos do its job. It doesn’t take a long time and if you have the pictures on Picasa you can actually share them with people who are not on Facebook too. Tip: if you have over 1,000 photos on Facebook you might want to choose uploading 3 to 4 albums at a time.

For sharing everything with everyone on every social network:

Shareoholic - It's fast, it does not access your private data and you can share the links you like with all your social networks with only one click. It supports over 200 applications such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, get the idea. If all you want is sharing the links you like, this extension is for you.

Yoonoo - If your dream is to post and see all of your social network updates in one place, Yoonoo is for you. Add all of your social media websites to this tool and voilá! A pop up box will be there anytime you want to share a thought, post a picture or stalk someone (yes, we know you do it).

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