App Review: Foodspotting, For the Foodie in All of Us

By Jamie Nanquil | @the_jamielynn We all have those friends who absolutely love food and I mean, really love it. You know the kind - they eat all sorts of delectable dishes at fabulous restaurants and you know about it because it's all over their social media, which means it’s all over your timelines and feeds.

In some cases, that friend is you. You're the "foodie." You check in at every cafe, bakery, bar, diner, food truck, and restaurant you encounter; you Instagram pics of your meals and you live on Yelp and Opentable. In that case, this blog is for you.

When I went to visit a friend of mine in New York last month, I had no idea what I was in for. I will say that most of the trip was dedicated to eating. Obviously, I had to show off my newly refined palate. So in my elementary ways, I began to post food pictures on Facebook. What a fool I was. My foodie friend (@_peggyp) quickly pointed out that what I should be using is Foodspotting.

What is Foodspotting? It's sort of like the simple yet very attractive love-child of Yelp and Instagram. Aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-use; it is as their website points out, a visual guide to good food and where to find it. The goal is to encourage the discovery of new, local foods and to showcase the best of what each restaurant has to offer. The point being that good food can be found anywhere. “Foodspotters” can post their pictures and recommend specific dishes rather than just restaurants. “Foodseekers” can look for foods they are craving located within their vicinity and then rate it with a “nom it!” if they loved it.

As many chefs believe, people eat not only with their mouths but also with their eyes. This app is a true testament to that. So if you’re looking to document your dishes with style or find a delicious treat without having to read through all those snarky reviews, try out Foodspotting. They have an app for windows phones, iPhone, Blackberry, and Android, plus you can access your account online.

What other foodie-targeted apps do you love?

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