Top 20 Food, Cooking, and Recipe Twitter Accounts to Follow

by: Sara Alderman| @sea6789 We all have a guilty pleasure related to food. Some like to eat it, others to cook. These 20 foodies to follow have you covered from how  to get your kids to love healthy food to where to find your favorite candy.

Bake it in a Cake  - @bakeitinacake Dedicated to cake and cupcakes and all the delicious things you can bake inside them.The name speaks for itself-anything you could think of baked into cakes. Nothing is off limits for these expert bakers. The best part though- the recipes are super easy to follow!

Serious Eats  - @seriouseats Find it. Watch it. Eat it. Talk it.These guys eat, sleep and dream  about food. When they are not talking about new recipes or videos they are giving away free stuff. Thats right, FREE kitchen gadgets. Along with creating their own conversations, they re-tweet lots of other foodies so you don't have to!

The Pioneer Woman- @thepioneerwoman I'm The Pioneer Woman. Desperate Ranchwife. Mother of Four. Lover of Butter. Amen.When you say "I made this from scratch", most people are in awe. The Pioneer Woman is helping you wow your friends time after time. Recipes for homemade meals that don't take a professional chef to figure out. Plus, she loves interacting if you have questions.

Fat Kid Food Blog- @fatkidfoodblogThis guy takes eating to the extreme. It could be a recipe for bacon- wrapped, peanut butter stuffed okra or carrying on a conversation with @foodnetwork. He always keeps you guessing. This guy is defiantly not for the faint of heart (or the cholesterol-clogged).

Oh! My Sugar High- @ohmysugarhigh Two baking bloggers (Cat and Emilie) sharing sweet recipes and dessert talk.If you have a sweet tooth this is the place for you. For this duo its all about dessert. Not only do they give you their own recipes, but they also tweet from other places to give you a one stop shop.

Super Healthy Kids  - @healthykids Getting kids excited about eating healthy!Have a picky eater at home? Healthy Kids is here to help. They give great tips and tricks to keep kids of all ages eating healthy and staying active without a lot of effort.

Soup or Salad - @souporsaladblog One stop spot for soup, salad and more!Not too many people are brave enough to base their content on two things: soup and salad. They know all things related to both topics, though, and I mean everything. Pink Lemonade salad? Zuccini soup? What is the best way to serve cold soup? They have all the answers.

Cheap ethnic eats - @cethniceatz Join me on a journey into the many ethnic cuisines my city and the world has to offer. Fun stories, exotic recipe and restaurant reviews for all foodies!Ethnic food is one of the most challenging types of food to make- and has the most variety. Cheap Ethnic Eats helps break down the barrier some of us have and brings worldwide recipes right to your computer.

The Food Section- @thefoodsection The talk of the tastebuds: Tweets about food from Josh Friedland, editor of  The Food Section.This guy knows food and isn't afraid to share his knowledge. Lots of links to food-related news and recipes along with answers to your questions about baking and cooking.

Reluctant Gourmet - @recluctantgourme You have to eat, so learn to cook and eat well!If you are one of those take-out masters  you are not alone. If you want to learn how to cook, the Reluctant Gourmet is the one for you. They explain everything step by step and give simple recipes that even I can follow.

Simply Sugar & Gluten Free - @Amys_SSGF Making food healthier & irresistible one recipe at a time. Author. Blogger. Gluten-free. Refined sugar-freeFinding good-tasting and easy gluten-free food can be a challenge. Not for Simply Sugar and Gluten-Free. Their recipes are easy to make and look elicious and they give tips  and tools to help you stay healthy.

$5 DinnersTM - @5dollardinners I'm Erin. The $5 Dinner Mom. I cook. I blog. I author cookbooks. I write for And I can not make a meal that costs more than $5. Even if I try.This mom is my version of a super hero. She creates cheap easy meals the whole family will love for very little AND posts coupons for the stuff she uses.  She is a savvy cook and gives lots of shopping tips.

The Candy Blog - @Candyblog Yes, it's all about candy when I'm not whale watching, playing with my dog or writing novels!Do you have a sweet tooth? The Candy Blog has a whole mouth full of them! From recipes to reviews, this place is candy central.

Food 2- @food2 Food, snacks, cocktails, beer, low-grade shenanigansEvery day of the week is coverd on Food2. From meatless mondays to cocktail Fridays, they have recipes sure to please the entire family.


Foodimentary - @foodimentary Twitter's @ShortyAwardswinning & 1st to Tweet Food, Facts, & Fun. Guaranteed to pepper your day with fun food facts! Impress others with your food knowledge!Ever wonder when national taco day is? These guys have you covered. For national food days, food quotes, food definitions and more, they are on top if it so you don't have to be.

Eat Tweet - @cookbook iny recipes serving 3-4, condensed by @Maureen, author of the Eat Tweet cookbook. Complete glossary: cookbookglossary.pbwiki.comThese tiny recipes are condensed down to 140 charaters or less-no links needed. Each recipe is a serves 3-4 and is written to fit in a tweet. How awesome is that? @chow Your home for recipes, restaurant reviews, videos, and cooking how-to on the webChow is your one stop shop for all things food related. If you're looking for a new restaurant to try, tips on cooking or step-by-step videos they have it all.

Dude Foods- @dudefoods - Because shock food is the new indie rock...Have you ever tried to weave bacon? What about make breakfast pasta? Dude Foods is turning food into an art and taking you along for the ride.

Cute Food for Kids - @cutefoodforkids A stay at home mom who loves spending time in the kitchen! Have you ever tried to make a smiley face on your kids sandwich, or a forest out of broccoli ?  Cute Food For Kids helps  you make healthy (and not so healthy) edible fun.

Food in Jars - @foodinjars A food writer and cooking teacher who is bringing back the art of canning, one jar at a time Canning, making jelly/jams and canned gifts are making a comeback. Food In Jars has step-by-step instructions, tips and tricks to make the first time canner feel like a pro.


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