Geolocation: Grow Brand Awareness for Small Business

by Elisa Pequini | @lipequini “Amanda just checked in @ Livid Lobster w/ 2 others”.

If you use Facebook or Twitter, you have probably seen that sentence quite a few times. Geolocation apps have been around for a few years now, but working with Social Media we realize that a lot of businesses are still not aware of what it is or how it works, or even if it would be beneficial for their small business.

To put it in a simple way, social media works because people trust their friend’s opinion more than they would a stranger’s opinion, and even more than a marketing message. So when a friend “checks-in” at a restaurant for example, using apps such as Foursquare and GoWalla, or even just the “check- in”  button on Facebook, someone wonders: “Oh, I have never been to that restaurant, I might give it a try”. What brand does not want to get exposed to hundreds of friends of each of their customers?

To make it really effective for your small business though, not only do you need to create a profile for your business in those apps, but it helps to give your customers a reason to check-in. Even though people check in for many different motives (let friends know where they are, compete on number of check-ins on foursquare), you can make sure that your customer checks-in at your location by giving them a perk. For example: every time a customer checks-in at Pinkberry, they win 10% off a frozen yogurt. That way Pinkberry makes sure their brand gets exposed – and 10% off the price of frozen yogurt is nothing compared to the free advertising they are getting.

Bottom line: if you own a restaurant, store, coffee shop, or any physical place that could use some free advertising, make sure you start taking advantage of the brand exposure you can get with Geolocation apps.

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