Twitter Photo: 140 Characters Now Worth So Much More

Maybe you are a Twitter fanatic but you were so frustrated that they never hosted photos.  You always had to use a third party website or app to host your photos and then put the link in your post.  But now, Twitter utilizes Photobucket to host your photos and videos directly through the Twitter site. [youtube][/youtube]

But, how does it all work?  When you decide you want to post a new tweet, you will see a photo icon in the lower left portion of your tweet box.  You can choose a photo from your desktop that is less than three megabytes in size.  If you change your mind, you can always click on the “x” that will appear once you upload the photo into your tweet.  But, if you like it, then click 'tweet' and your photo can be seen through a Twitter link.  Note: You will not be able to see photos from protected accounts unless they approved you following them.

Twitter has enabled a very cool feature where you can search photos and videos, which appear as a gallery.  You would just type “sv” or “sp” anywhere in the page and not in the search tab.  This may seem a bit unusual as you will not see what you are typing but, the website will recognize what you are doing.  Once you type "sv" or "sp" a search box will appear and then you can search to your visual brain's content.  I did a search for cats and there were some pretty cool photos that came up.  But if you really want the world to see your photo, people can see your photo but adding a hashtagged subject when they search for whatever topic you hashtagged.  Very interesting, Twitter.  And thank you by the way.

So, since the world is so very visual, as am I, you can now share your thoughts and photos in tweets.  Now, your 140 characters are going to be worth so much more when people read them.


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