Social Media News: Sexting, the NFL and Millionaires

Planning a wedding? Just dreaming of one? Twitter can help!  We've put together the best of the best to help you out: Top 20 Wedding Accounts to Follow on Twitter Social media and sports - the connection may seem strange to some, but the popularity of sports is very much related to the comraderie of fan-dom, and social media fits right in there.  How Social Media is Changing the NFL looks specifically at the NFL side of the equation.

Millionaires are flocking to Facebook. Is this good news, bad news, or any kind of news at all? If anything can be learned from this, it's that people with money want to see embarrassing pictures of their friends and post witty comments just like us average joes.  Millionaires Like Facebook, Dump Twitter

Sexting is now a dirty word. But what do you call a word before it makes it into the Oxford English Dictionary?  Retweet & Sexting Are Now Words In Oxford English Dictionary

And because we know you love infographics as much as we do:  How Are People Using Twitter?

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