Social Media News: Twitter Changes, Google+, and Facebook Fun

Happy Monday! Okay, maybe you don't love Mondays as much as we do, but here are a few tidbits we found interesting for you to discuss around the water cooler. How should your company handle social media? The answer is critical to the success of your marketing and branding plan. Eve Mayer Orsburn explores the main options, outsourced or insourced?

Twitter is reportedly rolling out more changes to their user interface, shortly after integrating photo sharing. Perhaps these changes to make Twitter's originally straightforward system will keep users on the platform, or draw them back from all the third party options out there.

Google+ has been butting heads with users over the issue of using fake names or nicknames on Google+.  Will this spell the end of online anonymity, or will Google get its way?

Facebook profile pictures have now become comedic fodder.  Head over to Mashable to see a gallery of hilarious caricatures of users' profile pictures from artist Adam Ellis.

And...the lighthearted side to the rioting that has been pervading the news from The Joy of Tech:

The Joy of Tech comic

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