33% of Americans Would Give Up Sex Before Their Cell Phone

by: Meredith Darling | @merdar One-third of Americans would give up sex before their cell phones for a week. A survey of 514 mobile phones users conducted by Telenav discovered just how much we rely on our phones. The infografic shows that most people would easily give up alcohol, chocolate, caffeine, and exercise. The less popular alternatives were sex, their toothbrush, shoes, and computers.

Of the 33% that would give up sex before their cell phone 70% were women (surprised?). Mobile phones have come a long way. They don’t just make and receive calls anymore. They have control over our career, social, and personal lives. In this sense, these statistics don’t shock me. What would you give up to keep your cell phone for a week? Read the full press release here.

Source: www.bgr.com

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