Social Media News Highlights: Superstar CEO's on Twitter, Antisocial Teens on Facebook, and the State of the Internet

Happy Monday! To get your week started off right, we have once again collected some social media news highlights for you. We've put together a list of the Top 20 CEO's to Follow on Twitter. Check out our choices and let us know if you think we missed anyone!

Google+ continues to hold our attention.  They have cleverly made it easier to invite friends to join, and check out this great blog from Brian Solis about the implications of a simple question: Will You Abandon Facebook for Google+?

Levi's has launched a Drive for via Facebook. They are looking for 100,000 people to click on the sponsored story, at which point Levi's will then make a donation. We love to see big brands using their influence for a good cause.

Teens Who Use Facebook Often Turn Antisocial.  The news is all over the internet today, so likely this is not the first time you've heard about it.  If you haven't heard yet, read the article about professor Larry D. Rosen's findings on Fastgush. Look out for words like antisocial, narcissistic, mania, anxiety, and depression.

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Top 20 CEOs on Twitter