Social Media Weekend News: Captain America, Facebook Scams, Google+, and Mark Zuckerberg

Kicking off another great week, we wanted to share a few of our favorite social media stories from the weekend with you. First, if you missed the Social Media for the CEO Blog Talk Radio show on Friday, you can catch the full show with Doug Zanger of Advertising Week here.

Captain America: The First Avenger opened at the top of the box office this weekend. Did you catch the latest Marvel comic turned big screen sensation? If not, you may have seen Captain America around different social media sites. Learn more about how social media is being used to boost box office numbers on Mashable's blog at Captain America: The First Avenger Targets Social Media Success.

Warning Facebook users (which is pretty much everybody)!  If you didn't know yet, that neat-looking video about the Oslo bombing is a scam, infecting 1 user per second. More details here.

Google+ has been all the buzz the past couple of weeks, and now that users are getting familiar with the platform the discussion is turning to exactly how Google+ can be useful beyond just secretly categorizing your acquaintances.  Read Why Google+ is Great for SEO on Social Media Today.

Speaking of Google+, did you see the comic floating around from The Joy of Tech last week?  You know, the one with Mark Zuckerberg?  Well...

What are some of the stories that caught your attention this weekend?

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