Startwire and Hashable - Relationship Management and the Job Search

by: Jonathan Jackson | @J_tenacity_Jack These days, it is impossible not to hear how social media is changing the face of the job market.  Applications are automated, and networking has become pivotal to success. Corporations and people alike are taking notice, and as such new avenues are being explored by brave entrepreneurs, hoping to claim their personal stake in a constantly changing arena.

One such notable site is called StartWire. The entire premise of the site is to avoid the dreaded application “blackhole”. You know, that inevitable feeling that arises when you submit a resume online through an automated system, and never hear back…EVER.  Startwire works with the actual application, indexes it against  a registry with over 2500 companies (and still growing), and gives you realtime updates on your application. If the company is not listed, you have the option to manually update your current application status. The ability to connect to your LinkedIn and Facebook profiles and see which people in your network you know at which companies, and an intuitive job suggestion system powered by Indeed, makes this a new and  exciting product for jobseekers.

????If Startwire covers the travels of your unseen job app, then Hashable does the same for relationships. Their premise is relationship managing on a social media level by making it easy to index and categorize your meetings with new and old contacts.  Hashable is attempting to make the ability to connect with recruiters, friends and coworkers, seamless and instantly updatable through an easy 3 step process:


Hashable and Startwire are updating the process of networking and finding job opportunities. Do you think they could help you find your next dream job?

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