Yammer: Internal Social Media for Companies Large and Small

by: Elisa Pequini | @lipequini Here at Social Media Delivered we are super excited about using Yammer, the perfect social network for companies to share and communicate in a secure way.

???Yammer Screen Shot

Imagine that the only users on Facebook are you and your employees. It would be like having an exclusive social network for your company right? That’s what Yammer is like. Information you would normally share by e-mail to only 1 or 2 could be more useful if it could reach hundreds of others (or maybe only 10) in an organized way.  Yammer allows you to tag the content by topic and also look back on each other’s streams, just like Facebook. It’s easier and faster to communicate and collaborate, with options to create groups, microblog, and utilize mobile apps, among other things.

Released in 2008, Yammer is used by over 100,000 companies and is still growing and claiming its place in a competitive social media environment.

Anyone can start a Yammer network for their company – and only people with a valid company e-mail address will be able to join the network. Why don’t you start Yammering today and let us know what you think?


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