Top 20 Twitter for Travel

Looking for travel deals or just ideas for your next vacations? Hereare the top 20 Twitter accounts you should be following:

Travel Deals - @Trazzler Use Twitter to save on travel in popular locations. Get the customized feed of travel deals near you.One of the most followed Twitter accounts about traveling; Trazzler brings you great deals to save on your next trip.

JetBlue Cheeps - @JetBlueCheeps Watch for great deals on last minute flights every Tuesday. Cheeps are offered for a limited time and limited availability so act fast!Get Jet Blue’s last minute deals right on your Twitter Timeline and don’t ever pay high prices on tickets again.

The Travel Magazine - @TravelMagazine Get the latest travel news, travel articles, reports, guides, special offers, competitions and more from The Travel Magazine.Based in London, The Travel Magazine has some of the best tips for traveling around the world.

The Frugal Traveler - @frugaltraveler Roaming the world, the New York Times' Frugal Traveler seeks out high style on a low budget.Want tips on how to travel cheap? Seth Kugen lays them all in your timeline when you follow him on Twitter.

The Adolphus Hotel - @TheAdolphus The Adolphus Hotel is an urban classic, with Lone Star tradition and cosmopolitan style. Home of The French Room Restaurant, rated #1 in latest Zagat Survey.Located in Dallas, TX, the Adolphus Hotel tweets interesting tips on how to make travel easier, events on the DFW area and amazing deals.

Kayak - @KAYAK Here you'll find travel news, tips & trends, company news and random-but-hopefully-interesting stuff from our team.Kayak is a tech company focused on making online travel better – and they use their twitter account to do it too!

Condé Nast Traveler - @CNTraveler Truth in Travel is our guiding principle: Condé Nast Traveler always pays its own way, and, as much as possible, its correspondents travel anonymously.One of the most respected travel magazines, Condé Nast Traveler gives their tips and links to their best stories.

Guardian Travel - @GuardianTravel The latest travel news, insider guides, emerging destinations, new hotels and travel trends from the Guardian.Restaurant reviews, great places to visit while traveling, tips and more when you follow Guardian Travel.

Frommer’s - @FrommersTravel Frommer's Travel: The best trips start hereOne of the most acclaimed Guidebook’s company in the US has a Twitter account with the latest news and tips on traveling.

Bing Travel - @fareologist As your Fareologists at Bing Travel, the smart travel search site, we'll be sure to alert you of airfare and hotel deals, industry trends, and travel news.If you want to find great travel deals, let Bing Travel do the search for you and get promotions right on your timeline.

Not For Tourists - @notfortourists The ultimate urban neighborhood guide for you, not them.Great tips for you to feel like a local while traveling.

Peter S. Greenberg - @PeterSGreenberg Travel guru for CBS, AARP, Forbes, others.Want to know if it’s safe to travel to Mexico now? Or how do Traveler’s checks work? Peter Greenberg answers those questions and a lot more when you follow him on Twitter.

Vagabondish - @vagabondish Offbeat world news and dubious travel advice, tips and how-to's from editor Mike Richard .Interesting and fun facts about cities and tips on traveling, Vagabondish also keeps you updated on travel promotions.

Orbitz Worldwide - @orbitz We're, a leading online travel company. Follow us to get the latest travel news, trip planning advice and deals.Get the best travel deals from Orbitz website on Twitter, firsthand.

Gadling - @Gadling We write about fun, interesting, and relevant travel.The Twitter profile for the blog is definitely your source of fun information on traveling.

WSJMiddleSeat - @MiddleSeat Scott McCartney, Middle Seat columnist for The Wall Street Journal MiddleSeat brings the latest news on the travel industry and also fun stories and facts about traveling.

Rick Seaney - @rickseaney CEO, Passionate about helping people find air travel deals, owning the world’s largest database of current and historical airfares helps Rick Seaney not only talks about air fare deals, but also answers your questions about airfares and airlines on Twitter.

Google Travel Team - @GoogleTravel Google's Travel Team (Official): Here to provide the latest industry news & data. From promotions to interesting facts of the Travel industry, Google’s twitter is sure to keep you up to date with travel news.

Expedia - @Expedia Expedia's official Twitter page. We believe that where you book matters. Follow us for the best travel tips, hotel packages & flight deals. Know firsthand all of the best deals on by following them on Twitter.

Get a travel deal - @getatraveldeal You haven't got time to find great travel deals. Follow me to be in the know and say Hello Life's Short - Travel Often! Sylvia Myers s books corporate travel and always finds her inbox inundated with travel deals & specials, which she passes on to all of her twitter followers!

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