Startup Bizzy Gets Social with New Network for User Recommendations

bizzy screenshot Startup Bizzy (a website and mobile app, not the rapper Bizzy Bone) has been gaining success since it was founded in 2009 by staying simple and straightforward.

In the beginning, Bizzy was a recommendation engine. Simple. Enter your zip code, answer some questions, mark some places you already know you like, and Bizzy will recommend other places (restaurants, shopping, food & grocery, etc).

From there, Bizzy added a Check-out feature for the app, which allows you to post a simple review of a place you have visited. The geo-location feature of the mobile app indicates places nearby for you to choose from, you choose your smiley face, neutral face, or frowny face, optionally share a tip and/or photo, and choose if you would like to post to Twitter and Facebook. Also simple. The fact that Bizzy has collected more than 173,000 local business reviews since March is a testament to its simplicity.

Now, a new version of the Bizzy iPhone and Android apps recently launched that allows users to follow and comment on other users’ reviews.  Bizzy now allows users to import connections to follow from other sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, and then the reviews of the people you follow are displayed in a short-form stream.  That's right, like Twitter, but with the ability to 'Like' the review similar to Facebook, and then add the location to your Try-It list.

To be determined is if the social aspect of Bizzy will blow the new startup into the stratosphere, or if the lack of a broader existing user base will water-down the experience.  Do you think the progressively more complex platform could be the next big thing in review sites?

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