Free White Paper - Social Media: A Tool for Good Available June 29, 2011

Front Cover of Kensho: A Modern Awakening

On June 29th, 2011 Susan Steinbrecher will release an inspirational and provocative book that is an invitation to "awaken" and witness how the world is changing. Kensho: A Modern Awakening is the culmination of her research and investigation of some of the remarkable people, organizations and companies in our midst who are doing amazing things and positively impacting our world.

Get your free White Paper, Social Media: A Tool for Good, by Eve Mayer Orsburn when you purchase Susan Steinbrecher's new book "Kensho: A Modern Awakening" on Amazon only on June 29th.

The book features an impressive collection of interviews from a diverse group of esteemed experts who openly share their stories and advice. Byron Katie, Marci Shimoff, James Van Praagh, Peggy McColl, Tim Sanders, David Houle, Judy Martin, Dr. John Hagelin, Tony Schwartz, Dr. Marsha Lucas and Leo Babauta are just a few of the experts featured who weigh in on a variety of subjects such as social change, culture and consciousness, business, personal development, and the "power of one".

Excerpt from Whitepaper:

"Tweeting, posting, friending, liking, and on and on...These days, we hear all about social media and it seems that marketing executives think it is the answer to selling everything from airplanes to soda pop. The marketing prospects are exciting, to say the least, and the pull of the almighty dollar always causes a stir. Yet there is another side of social media that I'd like to open your minds to: the possibility of exploring social media tools for the betterment of the world."

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