RockMelt: Browsing Meets Social Media

RockMelt Logo RockMelt is a new, easier way to keep up with all things social media. Built off of Chromium (the same foundation as Google Chrome), its main purpose is to be a browser that makes it easier for sharing, talking to your friends, and keeping updated with all of your favorite websites.

Rockmelt has deep integration with Facebook and Twitter as well. Not only does it use Facebook as a way to enhance the whole experience, but it improves the functionality of Facebook Chat quite a lot.  The RockMelt browser actually allows you to use Facebook Chat even while you are not on Facebook’s page, shows inline images and video and it doesn’t crash as much as the Facebook chat on your Facebook homepage. The Twitter application is also very practical and allows you to check Twitter on a tab on your screen while you are navigating through other websites.

With features such as the “read later” service, a Google search column and integration with Social Media tools, Rockmelt has the potential to be your new favorite browser.

The way it works is really simple. The RockMelt Browser has two side bars. The bar on the left shows your online Facebook friends and the one on the right shows icons of your most visited blogs, plus it lets you know when they update.

Rockmelt Screenshot

Recent news stated that Facebook is collaborating with RockMelt in its new version – making it even more Facebook friendly - and it is available for download since this past Tuesday (Jun 14th).

RockMelt is currently in Beta 3 testing. If you want to give it a try, download it on

Author:  Elisa Pequini | @lipequini

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