Today's Guest on 'Social Media for the CEO' is journalist Nita Wiggins

If you're a communications enthusiast/history buff we can guess that you've probably hob-knobbed with the likes of Pulitzer, Fitzgerald, Joyce, Hemingway, Stein, Twain, Cooper, Colbert, Stewart, Brokaw, Walters, Hearst, Vieira, or Couric during your career at some point (the list goes on but we're not into name dropping).  However on 'Social Media for the CEO' this morning at 10a CT, you'll be able to add another name to the list of those you know who are in the know - Nita Wiggins.  Join us as we look at the subject of international academia overlapping digital/traditional journalism with an exclusive interview you can't miss. Nita's Bio Nita Wiggins is currently a tenured professor at the highly regarded L'Ecole Superièure de Journalisme de Paris where she teaches a student body representative of 13 countries about the principles and practice of international, traditional and digital journalism. Her background includes an extensive portfolio of experience as she has previously worked in the Texas, Georgia, & Washington news/sports television markets.

Beyond her role in academia, Nita also is the founder of New Media Services which explores and engages conversation around cultural education through international travel.  At the moment Wiggins resides in Paris, France ; enjoys volunteering for environmental/social philanthropies, studying languages utilizing website technologies and traveling.

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