Today's guest on 'Social Media for the CEO' is... Stephanie Kidder from Run My Process

Today on 'Social Media for the CEO' our acclaimed host Mary Adams thought it'd be fun to hang out and talk amongst the clouds, or rather about the cloud computing with the witty and brilliant Stephanie Kidder, Marketing Director for international firm Run My Process.  Join us for some great conversation about the current technology terrain and bring on the questions for our guest who knows about the latest in industry. Stephanie's Bio

Stephanie Kidder is currently Director of Global Marketing for cloud computing start-up RunMyProcess. RunMyProcess offers a cloud-based, business process (BPM) and workflow integration Platform as a Service (PaaS). The platform allows customers to rapidly build and deploy highly customized web user interfaces, integrate Saas and entreprise apps and develop custom workflow business applications in the Cloud.

Previously she was Director of E-commerce Sales and Marketing for Avid Technology where she drove online sales and marketing activities worldwide for Pinnacle Studio and other Avid products.

Working with the Internet since joining a start-up in 1994 that was one of the first Internet companies in France, Stephanie is an expert on all things marketing online and e-commerce. Professionally she loves where the Internet is going and enjoys putting her extensive international, online marketing and e-commerce experience to good use.

An American, Stephanie lived in Germany for a year before moving to Paris in January of 1994. Stephanie speaks French and German and has two great daughters. She plays tennis and loves cooking and wine. One of her favorite activitites is enjoying good food and conversation with friends.

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