Did You Miss Friday's Show with Chris Stevens from GMG Radio?

If you missed ‘Social Media for the CEO‘ radio show last Friday because someone at your office scared the wits out of you by mentioning Twitter was no longer using hashtags ... we completely understand.  However while your co-workers were having the last laugh at your expense, our hosts Mary and Eve welcomed the brilliant (and BritishChris StevensGMG Radio Group’s Group Production Manager. Chris joined his old friends Eve and Mary to discuss technology, brand identity, social media platforms, and what is shifting in a big way when it comes to new platforms and non-traditional marketing messages.  Last week's episode is now on iTunes for your listening convenience.  No joke. Chris’s Bio:

Chris has communication in his blood. From his early career as a radio presenter, to his 4-year stint as Vice President and Creative Director at TM Studios in Dallas, to his current job as Group Production Manager for GMG Radio, the art of communication and language has always fascinated Chris. A qualified musician, his interest extends to the ways that melodies and sonic logos can be used in communication. He also runs his own businesses specializing in audio production and publishing, and as an early adopter of social media, Chris admits he spends far too much time online! Other addictions include tea (milk, no sugar!).  Chris is @chrisukstevens on Twitter, and his company is www.devaweb.com.

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Today's Guest on 'Social Media for the CEO' is Chris Stevens from GMG Radio