Why Cisco is Winning Big

Cisco Systems is a giant ... this we know.  When your revenues are in the $40 billions (at one point they were at $500 Billion) and you employ 70,000+ individuals, innovation and progress can happen at rocket speed.  It's hard to imagine Cisco without thinking of things at a Fortune 1000 level, but what you may not realize is that as of lately the leadership behind the dominating Cisco brand have been earning some major social media victories across the country. And if you're keeping proper tabs on the IT industry scene then it's no surprise that you're also looking at how Cisco winning big is changing the multi media/marketing landscape...

Not all that long ago Cisco's SocialMiner platform recently won the 'Best of Enterprise Connect' Award. Need help with translating the tech talk?  Enterprise Connect is a major North American event focused on Enterprise Communications. The fact that a social media listening/response tool won this Award is a major industry shift for an event that has traditionally focused on voice communications, video, unified communications, SIP and other traditional vehicles.

Movies have the Oscars, Music has the Grammys, and Broadway has the Tonys .. but in the technology domain- Cisco Systems and their aspirations to go beyond the realm of established possibilities signals that this era of victory is just beginning.  And to the Innovators goes the Investment Capital.

Today's Guest on 'Social Media for the CEO' is.. Ross Daniels from Cisco Systems

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