Did You Miss Friday's Show with Zalmi Duchman & Jim Gilbert from @FreshDiet? We've Got It Here..

We're big believers in the saying 'Better Late than Never' which is why we always like to help our friends out in case they may have missed last Friday’s ‘Social Media for the CEO’ radio show when hosts Eve and Mary interviewed Zalmi Duchman & Jim Gilbert from the enterprising company Fresh Diet.  The conversation was as natural and delicious as the Fresh Diet meals themselves which have inspired a national fan movement through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  Be sure to catch up when you can as Friday's show is available on iTunes which you can download easily at your first convenience.  Check out the Background Story from a clip featured on AOL’s ’27 Million & Counting’ Project:

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Today's Guests on 'Social Media for the CEO' are Jim Gilbert & Zalmi Duchman from @FreshDiet