3 Simple Ways to Help Japan ...

By: Amelia Clark | @dishPit

The aftermath of last week’s earthquake off the coast of Japan and the resulting tsunami continues to ripple around the world.  Today, the official death toll from the tragedy was raised to 3,676 but it is expected climb above 10,000 as nearly 8,000 people are missing. Some 434,000 people were made homeless and are living in shelters. Japan’s stock market has crashed, and the country faces threats of nuclear meltdown.

This tragedy seem beyond imagining, and it is difficult to really grasp how extensive and profound the damage to every day life has been.  Millions of people are reduced to worrying about basic needs we take for granted on a daily basis: food, clean water, shelter, medical supplies. If you are like me, you are feeling a little overwhelmed. As Japanese supplies dwindle, family members struggle to find hope, and a nation worries about radiation effects we wanted to offer a few ways you can help support relief efforts that will bring aide to Japan's earthquake victims:

Monetary Donations: In fact, you can pick up your phone right now and text the American Red Cross (REDCROSS to 90999) or visit redcross.org to donate $10 from your phone.

The Red Cross is the most well-known relief agency, but there are many others collecting donations to mobilize supplies and people.  A quick Google search is sure to turn up a cause you can get behind.

Spread the Word: Facebook’s do-gooder app, Facebook Causes http://www.facebook.com/causes, has several very active groups for Japan’s Earthquake and Tsunami relief already up and running. Simply go to the app and do a quick search, then donate and spread the word to your friends on Facebook and other networks.

Connect Others: This Mashable article gives instructions on inserting a bar at the top of your blog or website that links to the charity of your choice, making it easy for visitors donate and help: http://mashable.com/2011/03/12/hello-bar-japan/

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