Amazon Features Video Reviews from Fans

If you’re planning to review a book, then you obviously want someone to read it and find it helpful when considering the purchase. Posting your review in plain text won’t make it stand out from the other reviews. Instead, consider filming your review with a simple webcam or digital camera. It will add flavor and life to your review, and will let fellow consumers actually see who is giving the review. In a few steps, you can have your review up and running for all to be influenced by.

First... Plan Your Review That’s an obvious step. While reading, take notes about your personal opinions of the book. Be opinionated, yet open. When you have gathered your thoughts and are ready to talk about the book, set up a recording device. Sit down in front of the camera and make sure you are in a relaxed, yet enthusiastic mood.

Then... Talk about the book. Summarize the book in just a few sentences, but be sure to not let any spoilers slip! If it’s non-fiction, consider how helpful the book is, the content, word usage, personality, and ease of understanding.  If it’s fiction, talk about the plot, character development, clarity, and ending.

Make Sure to Review your Video... Look for errors, slip-ups or distracting things in the background. If you’re not happy with your review, then it’s ok to redo it. Take your time and remember that what's on the Internet lasts forever as a digital archive.

When you’re ready to upload, consider where else you may want to post your book review. Amazon and YouTube are a few to think about. Write a brief description about your review and then upload.

Now people can watch your review instead of having to read hundreds of others and you can give the author a personal shout out to show how much you enjoy their work. Spread the word amongst your book clubs and get to reviewing!

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