Social Media: The Ultimate Non Profit Resource

By Amelia Clark | Non Profit Social Media Specialist As I’ve said many times before, social media just makes sense for nonprofit organizations.  Nonprofit organizations give time, money, love, and/or resources to help the greater good, and one of the most critical aspects of success in social media is giving.  Information, entertainment, and interaction are all ways you give to your social networks.

So, nonprofits can excel in this realm, but what can they do with that success?  All those followers and that huge community must be good for something, right?  Basically, social platforms can be utilized to fulfill any organization’s existing needs, and many nonprofits are using social media to extend participation, reach, and revenue.

Fundraising, increasing involvement, volunteer recruitment, education about existing programs and potential opportunities, increasing brand awareness, connecting with other nonprofits, and getting to know your audience better are all aspects that can be addressed through digital networks.   Get creative!  Find the platforms where your target audience for your specific need is, and develop a strategy targeting that goal. Not to mention, it’s free in terms of dollars to set up and maintain these networks.

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