Social Networking Sites Are Affecting The Way We Consider Cars

Rosalyn Eishen It’s common knowledge that social media is the fastest and most efficient way to communicate, and practicing excellent customer service is essential, sure. But when it comes to the automotive industry, companies need something that will interact with their customers, in order to engage them on a more personal level. Plus, it’s less formal than an email or letter, and less time consuming and confusing than speaking to a customer service representative on the phone.  Social Networking sites are shaping the way we consider cars.

By using interactive social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blogs and LinkedIn various automotive brands are now able to show consumers that they really do care about their opinions.  It's kind of nice knowing that these old high-in-the-sky, billion dollar car companies are on Twitter or Facebook or Yelp listening to what you have to say, right?  They give YOU the power to show your point of view, and allow YOU to ask the questions you can’t ask anyway else.  Are you going to drive to the GM Headquarters and ask for the 2011 Chevy Volt's performance review?

In today’s individualistic world, it’s important to know that your voice is being heard and your opinions are out there being considered by organizations.  On top of making the customers happy, companies also chart what people say (positive and negative) using these social media vehicles and create a more accurate evaluation of their product’s effectiveness. By analyzing customer sentiment and feedback continuously, Marketing Directors also get a better idea on their brand's full potential by using social media, then face those challenges head-on.

For example, on October 12, 2010, @leelindsey, a consumer tweeted, “@toyota i have a letter of complaint regarding a recent experience at a Richmond, VA Toyota Dealership - to whom should i send it?”

Four hours later @toyota replied to the consumer: "@leelindsey Hi Lee. Sorry for any concerns you may be having. You can conact us at:

It is now possible to get instant, uncomplicated feedback, and it is changing the way we live.

Another great example showcasing these values is the website, Social Car News.  On the site, you can write/view car reviews, read the automotive blog, catch up on all the latest social media/car news, and win cash or prizes for writing about cars.  'Consumer Generated Media' is the term that comes to my mind, and its exploding everywhere on sites like this. We are no longer expected to sit around and see what car companies come up with next. In this new age of consumer driven media, a target audience now tells the industry leaders what they need.  Communication has changed, and with that comes a new, enlightened automotive industry.

Today’s Guest on Social Media for the CEO is… Mary Henige with General Motors

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