Pink Power + Social Media = Breast Cancer Awareness Month

By Amelia Clark Did you know that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Well, chances are you heard a hint about it somewhere in your social media interactions over the past few weeks. Everything from being able to place a Twibbon on your Twitter avatar, to the confusing and slightly scandalous “Where I Like It” Facebook status updates, this month of activism is a great reminder of the power of social media for a cause.

So, why is social media such an effective method for spreading awareness and gaining support for charitable causes?  Because, these causes appeal to people, and people like to share what they are passionate about.  Non profit organizations have a huge advantage when they leverage different social media spaces.  They don’t have to work very hard to give people a reason to be passionate about their cause (i.e. their product) like for-profit businesses do.  Whether your organization is about raising awareness of breast cancer, supporting local artists, or building community centers, people with passion will gravitate toward you. You may already know this, but the most effective marketing messages are those generated, not by a company or organization, but by avid followers.

Social media just allows you to reach more people and more potential passion! As a bonus, the cost-effectiveness of social media means more of the operating budget can be delegated to critical services or events – a particularly crucial point for newer and smaller non-profits.

What all the buzz in social media about Breast Cancer Awareness Month teaches us is that people WANT to support those causes which speak to them, and they WANT the people in their lives to know what they care about.  Social media allows you to remind them of what they are passionate about, without always asking for money.  It gives you an effective way to spread your message and build followers all the time.

Then, when you need to ask for participation or funding, you have your passionate followers there to help spread the message.  Find the right social media platform and start getting in front of your supporters!

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