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By Alan Evans Are you a social media enthusiast with an underlying passion for the automotive industry? If so, I have news for you! Social Car News ( is a website dedicated to covering the intersection of automotive marketing and emerging media trends.  They offer car reviews, photos and tons of other relevant automotive information. Additionally, they've also partnered with High Gear Media, an organization that offers cash and other prizes to automotive enthusiasts interested in writing articles for their website. If you’re a social media and automotive enthusiast, you should definitely consider becoming a member of SCN.

Below are two examples of articles Social Car News featured in the last few weeks...

- Should You Follow A Company On Twitter and Like Them On Facebook? One of the most asked questions is: Why would I follow a company on both Twitter and Facebook? Following a company on Twitter is unique. It gives an interactive approach to marketing. The company will interact with the consumer/fan. If you tweet to the company, they will respond.

Becoming a fan on Facebook is somewhat less one-on-one than Twitter. It sill is interactive and still gives you the ability to reach the company. But when a company posts something, you along with many other fans will probably like an item or leave a comment. Most companies are not going to respond to each individual comment; where on Twitter it makes more sense to do so.  Click here to read the full article

- Audi Used Social Media To Make A Decision On The TT RS For The U.S. When Audi announced the 2012 TT-RS, they made it clear they had no plans for the package to make its way to America. People started crying, riots ensued and the world as we know it began to crumble. Audi, being the great company they are, wanted to save the world. They decided to gauge the demand for the car in America. They utilized social media and created a Facebook petition. The petition was a success!  Click here to read the full article

Today’s Guest on Social Media for the CEO is… Amanda Williams with James Wood Motors

CASE STUDY: James Wood Motors