21st Century Dental Case Study

Business Need: A Dental Office and Med Spa wants to build relationships with their clients and soon-to-be clients.Organization: 21st Century Dental; www.21stCenturyDental.com Background: 21st Century Dental is a dental practice and Med Spa in Irving, near Dallas, Texas Social Media Solution: Keep clients updated on Facebook by showing them new services and the hard-working/fun-loving staff; and reach prospects on Twitter with rare facts and lots of interaction. Business Result: Messages spread quickly about new services like the Med Spa and sleep treatments. Clients became more aware of services and expanded their purchasing power.

With the help of Social Media Delivered, 21st Century Dental decided that the social media tools Facebook and Twitter would be best for their business needs. 21st Century Dental ensured that only select Facebook features were used in order to avoid presenting an overwhelming amount of information to their target audience. Clear, simple and uncluttered information allowed them to reach out proactively and increase their fan base. In particular, they selected the following Facebook features on www.Facebook.com/21stCenturyDental:

  • Video: Allows user/brand to display product demonstrations, real-time customer testimonials or other engaging content
  • Photo Albums: Features a variety of perspectives about the brand to be displayed through images/pictures
  • Active Wall: Provides a forum where the brand is consistently followed up with a target audience and address comments/customer feedback
  • Contests with Personality: The crew at 21st Century Dental is a hard-working but fun-loving group. They showed this by having “Name that Tune” video contests on Facebook with a patient humming tunes while her teeth were whitened.

Facebook was only one element of the 21st Century Dental social media campaign. In order to reach out to their target audience quickly, the company opted to use Twitter as a catalyst for conversing with their current and future patients as well as the medical industry. Because Twitter offers various messaging options, 21st Century Dental could interact in different ways on www.Twitter.com/21CenturyDental:

  • The background design was re-vamped to showcase an attractive design scheme using bold colors, with contact information being critical to recruiting followers
  • The company emphasized consistent replies on their Twitter feed. They understand that interaction, not just broadcasting, is the key that has 21st Century Dental in the top-20 most-followed dentists in the world on Twitter.

BREAKING NEWS: Social Media for the CEO Radio Show Launches Friday Sept. 3rd

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