How To Make A Good Facebook Page & Then Leverage It For Business

It seems that everyone and their mother now has a Facebook page, a fan page and page for their own little company.  That's why making yours stand out has become harder than ever.  We have been trained to skim through all these pages and see them as noise.  It's an uphill battle to get noticed on Facebook but getting yourself online is a great first step, a lot of small businesses still aren't using this service.  Mashable's Susan Payton has written a great how-to article outlining a general plan-of-attack when it comes to getting yourself on Facebook.  In it she breaks down how much time you should be paying attention to your page, how much content you should have, setting up goals with dates and some simple tips to garner more attention. Once you think you've got the basics down it may be time to look into mastering Facebook marketing.  Social Media Examiner went to some of the world's top Facebook pros and asked them for 7 Facebook Marketing Tips to help out businesses.  The list is a good short read pointing out some ways of marketing on Facebook that you may have not known existed.  It's best to make sure you're doing at least most of these if not all, especially because you can reach a bigger, more engaged audience without paying for it.  Time and effort are the biggest factors for success over Facebook so there's no reason you shouldn't succeed.

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