10 Free Apps Worth Loading to Your Favorite iDevice

By Rori HarringtonThe iTunes App Store is an iPhone user’s candy store. There are thousands of apps to choose from, but which ones are best? Arguably the most valuable apps are those that increase productivity - personally or professionally. Here are 10 free apps worth a download:

#1: Apptizr / www.Apptizr.com Apptizr serves more than 100,000 app suggestions on a silver platter. Users can mark apps they like, dislike or own and Apptizr will capture tastes to list recommended apps. This app is organized and easy to use.

#2: Appbzr / www.Appbzr.com There are so many apps available in the App Store and it can be time consuming to filter through all the noise. Appbzr was developed to help with this. Waiting for the price to drop on a certain app? Create a wish list and wait for an Appbzr reminder to announce a price drop. This app also makes it easy to share lists with friends via email and facebook.

#3: Open Table / www.Opentable.com Open Table is a popular website for foodies. The Open Table app allows users to check real-time availability at multiple restaurants, get reservations and find directions. This app is a lifesaver when last-minute lunch meetings need to be scheduled.

#4: Lynda.com / www.Lynda.com Need to brush up on the latest version of Excel or Ruby on Rails? Professionals looking to refresh skills or expand resumes have long turned to lynda.com for help. The lynda.com app provides free courses on the go. Users can browse by software, subject, vendor or author.

#5: Big Day Lite / www.BigDayApp.com Whether the big day is a wedding or a company’s switch to a new CMS platform, Big Day Lite is a fun, simple tool for counting down the days. The “lite” (free) version will track the day and count down the days. The full version allows for more features, such as tracking multiple events, but the free version is just fine for tracking that one big event of the year.

#6: Spending Lite / www.Appcheer.com Users can track income and expenses for the day, week, month and year with this helpful app. There is no need to worry about busting the budget, if every penny is tracked coming and going. This is also a good way to determine where budget cuts might easily be made.

#7: Siri / www.Siri.com This personal assistant app keeps up with travel itinerary, dinner plans and meetings. Ask (yes, ask aloud) Siri to find the best Greek restaurant near home for dinner. Siri can even make reservations. Get reminders for projects and meetings. This is one smart app.

#8: Vlingo / www.Vlingo.com Everyone knows how dangerous it is to drive and try to type. The Vlingo app is voice activated – no typing required. The free version will dial a number, search the web, update Twitter or use Google Maps. Just tell Vlingo what to do. Speak an email message and wait for the next red light to hit send.

#9: YadaHome / www.Yadahome.com Keeping a family’s schedule can be a full-time endeavor. The YadaHome app helps manage tasks, events and lists in one place. The three options on this app are pretty straightforward. There’s a calendar, a grocery list and a to do list. Users have the option of tracking individual information (free) or syncing with family and friends with a membership fee.

#10: White Noise Lite / http://ow.ly/2lyhl The free version of White Noise is a blessing for cubicle workers with noisy neighbors and college students trying to study while a frat party takes place downstairs. Some users say it helps sooth crying babies at night. In any case, this app does wonders for the easily distracted or sleep deprived. Getting enough sleep helps improve health, productivity and general wellbeing. White Noise Lite is equipped with multiple sound options (beach waves, thunder storm, chimes, etc.) and a timer.

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