Fund Your Startup Using Social Media

By Eve Mayer OrsburnStarting a business?  Welcome to the club! Social Media can be an amazing tool that will definitely help make your newly launched venture a successful one.

So how exactly does Social Media help a startup secure funding?

#1: USING SOCIAL MEDIA = FREE ADVERTISING You’re probably broke and can’t afford much traditional advertising, so figure out what specific social media vehicles your target audience is currently using: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.  The next step is to become a member on each of these domains, then start communicating with your audience using these social media platforms.

#2: USING LINKEDIN = A HUGE BUSINESS DIRECTORY Did you know that even LinkedIn sought out help with funding back in the day from contacts they made through (guess where...) LinkedIn?  There are currently 4,473 Angel Investors on LinkedIn. Complete your profile on LinkedIn then make solid connections with key prospects.

Need more tips? We were cited in The Entreprenette Gazette, along with 55 other great professionals who also had creative ideas about how to fund a startup. Read the entire article here:

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