A New Organization Gets Off The Ground With Social Media

By: Amelia ClarkShave Dallas, a new organization trying to raise money for the fight against cancer, is the brainchild of Kyle Kondas, whose father died from cancer last year.  When Kyle missed the chance to show his support in the fight against cancer by shaving his head for a benefit, his friends convinced him to turn his passion into a movement.  So Kyle set out to organize a big event, where everyone can have a good time and help a great cause.

One of the biggest challenges with this sort of project is getting the word out.  As a brand new organization, Shave Dallas does not have the money or the connections to spread the word through traditional media channels.  Plus, since they are working on their first event, they are unknown and cannot rely solely on word of mouth.  This is a challenge a lot of fundraising and non-profit programs face.  How did Shave Dallas solve this problem?  Social media, of course.

The small board and organizing committee for Shave Dallas, a group of only 4 individuals, has implemented a campaign which incorporates a blog, a Facebook page, a Facebook event, and a Twitter (@Shave_Dallas) account.  The key to building a great event the first year is to spread the word and build participation.  The team says this has been a challenge, but since incorporating all the social media elements together, and posting content frequently, the momentum has really started to pick up.  “Our goal is really just to get a lot of people out to the event.  It’s very important that our first event is memorable so we can build off of it and make even better events in the future.  The Twitter and Facebook and blog are the main ways we have of getting the word out and getting people excited.”

The basic idea for the first Shave Dallas event is for participants to raise money from ‘sponsors’ to shave their heads, but they will also have music, a raffle, and an art auction.  Kyle points out that “Shave Dallas is really just about giving people the chance to show their support and help the fight against cancer,” and the organization plans to host other types of fundraising events throughout the year, with one big annual event.

The first big Shave Dallas event is Saturday, July 31st, 7:00p.m. to 11p.m. at the Bomb Factory Production House, 3900 Willow St, Dallas, TX, 75226.  All funds raised at the event will go directly to the American Cancer Society (@AmericanCancer).  You can find more information at www.shavedallas.org.

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