WordPress - What Is In A Word?

By Tom JacksonEveryone has heard of blogs or blogging. This blog is not on blogging, but rather on the value of blogging to increase your social media profile.

I use WordPress for three reasons. First, it is free. Second, LinkedIn has an app that embeds WordPress in your profile and lastly, Google loves WordPress. These reasons are good enough for me. But why does Google love WordPress? Simply put: fresh content. WordPress feeds Google what Google wants most and that is a fresh supply of content. Using WordPress gives you more visibility within Google, improving your search ability.

Is having a WordPress account enough? Almost. Even better is to have WordPress embedded into your webpage. Doing so helps attract Google to your webpage. But how to embed WordPress? I looked all over Google and no luck. Then I stumbled onto to the answer. All it takes is a couple of lines of simple HTML code. Modify the code below with your dimensions and WordPress URL, then cut and paste it into your webpage HTML code. Here is the code:

<p><iframe src ="http://tjacksonjr.wordpress.com/" width="100%" height="750"> <p>http://tjacksonjr.wordpress.com/</p></iframe>&nbsp;</p>

Width - Use the percentage or fixed value that looks best on your webpage Height -  Same as width, just in the other direction WordPress URL - Just replace my WordPress URL (http://tjacksonjr.wordpress.com) with yours.

That's it... you are done, and you did it for free!

Take a look at my webpage, www.thomasjackson.info, to see my WordPress blog at the bottom of my homepage. Remember, Google always follows WordPress links looking for fresh content. Now you just have to provide the fresh content.

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