A Proper Picture Puts Power in Your Profile

By Tom Jackson One basic tenant of social media for a job search is branding yourself.  Nothing brands you better than you – your picture.

Make it a priority to place a 'professional-looking’ head shot of yourself on every social media vehicle profile you have (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.).  You do not need to spend the money on a professional to take your photo – just scan and crop an image of yourself from the church directory, or use recent image of yourself in professional attire.

Why is the picture so important?  Your picture allows people to connect to you, it says I am a confident professional.

Besides, what do you think when you see someone’s LinkedIn profile and there is no image? Or an image of a unicorn?  You instinctively think what is this person hiding.  Worse yet is the casual photo.  Keep in mind these photos are small and not hi-resolution.  It is hard to tell if someone is sitting and smiling or if they are on their backside intoxicated.

Brand yourself with yourself, use a professional looking picture and it will put power into profile!

Go forth and brand yourself wisely!

- Tom Jackson

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