Twitter: Evolve or Die

When you have to adapt to survive, there isn’t a social media platform more up for the challenge than Twitter. With revenue at an unsteady pace for some time now, Twitter is making some changes to engage users and challenge Facebook’s ever-popular live video.

Infographic: 104 Facts about Mobile Marketing

Next month marks the 10 year anniversary of the launch of the  iPhone, but did you know that mobile marketing has been part of our for over 15 years?

Our friends at have put together a fantastic infographic with 104 facts you probably hadn't heard regarding mobile marketing, ecommerce and consumer behavior around their devices.  Check out the facts and click the image to read the whole post.

Insta Shopping

In the past year, Instagram has tested out a shopping feature that lets users click on a photo to view what products are pictured. Upon clicking on a product, customers are directed to an online shopping page where they can purchase the product if they wish.

April the Giraffe - Real Time Marketing Perfection

After months of anticipation, April the giraffe gave birth to her fourth calf in upstate New York as a live audience of millions fawned on the Internet. Originally due in February, it turns out mama was waiting for the month that bears her name for the big reveal.

It was a bit of much-needed happy news for the world this weekend, and also a genius example of real-time marketing by Toys ‘R’ Us, who sponsored the live stream.

Update: What Multi-Photo Posts Mean for Instagram

The wait is finally over. Instagram worked out most of the issues to bring multi-photo posts to each of the operating systems it can run on. Users can choose up to 10 photos or videos, apply one overall filter or individual apply them to each image, and even choose the order they want the posts to appear in the carousels.